Project Overview

The core challenge was to redesign Dre Emmanuel’s website to create a better user experience and to focus more on showcasing his experiences and skills to users (targeted audience).

My Role

  • Project: Portfolio Redesign
  • Role: UX Research, Web Designer, Usability Testing
  • Duration: July 2021(1 Month)


Once the goal for the website redesign was identified, I had to identify the primary target audience for Dre’s website to create a better experience and redesign the website according to the needs of these users. Then, I wireframed, prototyped, and tested the design by directly reaching out to my target audience via email before creating the live website using WordPress(Elementor). Just before launching the website, I also sent the website link to the stakeholders for final feedback:

About Seweanu Dre

Based in the UK, Sewanu is an enthusiastic 2D/3D artist and character animator,  a storyboard artist, and a digital sculptor with more than 5years+ of experience that works as a freelancer. Creating this project was an amazing project as this showcases his enthusiasm towards what he does.

Project Process Description

The first interesting aspect of this project was in applying some HTML, CSS, and Javascript for creating and styling the animating play button which pops up the intro video when clicked.

For the main design, I used WordPress with Elementor Pro & Free to design the main sections of the site. The objective was to keep it simple and showcase the portfolio.

Project Timeline

2 Weeks

sewenu dre
Mockup of the website
Desktop screen mockup