Project overview

This project aimed to design a platform for users to easily search for different medical providers, and keep track of users’ experiences by collecting reviews for each provider. Additionally, an admin panel was designed to allow all admins of dokitari to track each user and provider’s activities like viewing users’ reviews, following up on providers’ activities and managing ads.

My Role

  • Project: Dokitari
  • Role: UI/UX Designer
  • Duration: April 2022(1 month)


For this project, I identified the project’s goal which helped in defining the elements required to create the designs and deliverables. Created the wireframes and components used in the visual design, and finally the mockup for the wireframes was designed.
Below starting the design here are few thing to keep in mind:

Design process scope

This project lasted for a month, and within this period, I carried out user research by trying to understand the users based on research and the information provided by the company. As this project was more of UI design, I did the sketches, wireframes, UI design and finally the evaluation and feedback.

First design

Provider’s single visual

I started off the design by creating the providers’ single-page interface design, which consists of the providers’ information, services and products they offer.

Second design

Admin dashboard visual

The second design task was to create the admin panel where all admins can track each activity, from tracking providers, and viewing users’ reviews, to sub-admins activity follow-up.
(slide to view).

Final design flow

Visual user flow

Here is the design flow for some of the admin dashboard screens, from the login, and accessing the homepage of the dashboard to viewing the provider’s list, users reviews and admin activities.


Working on Dokitari was an exciting experience for me and was rewarding. I got to work along with the developers to bring this design alive. It also helped me improve my skills in designing admin dashboards. It was one of the challenging and incredible projects I worked on within a short time frame. Although the development team were not able to incorporate some of the features due to time constraints, but I was happy to see the work we were able to accomplish and the features that were implemented.