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Lexzy Hats

Lexzy Hats - Ecommerce

Lexy Hats is an eCommerce website I worked on using the Woocommerce plugin along with Elementor page builder and WordPress. It was a good experience for me as this helped me to refresh my skills in setting up an e-commerce store using WordPress. Although this project involved different researches and iteration to create the exact look, I also enjoyed spending time learning new skills through out the process.



Client Name

Lexzy Hats


WordPress Designer

About the Lexzy Hats

E-commerce is an electronic activity that is continuously growing and so many businesses are now focusing on creating an environment not just for selling products but equally focusing on user experience. The goal is to provide your customers with an online presence by creating a professional, attractive and accessible e-commerce store.
Lexzy is an online store selling men’s and women’s fashion bucket hats.

Project Process Description

To start this project I made some researches and compared two competitive websites which helped in ideating the end product. To accomplish the design, I have used Woocommce for product management and Elementor for organizing the content of the website.

Project Timeline

2weeks – Research
4weeks – Designing & Testing

Hero Section for Lexzy Hats

A video of the design

Lexzy Hats website Video
Lexzy Hats
Full view of Lezxy Hats website