Project Overview

The objective of this project was to create a landing page for Greenxchange mobile App. This exchange app, make it easy for users to be able to easily exchange between different currencies and send money to different countries.

My Role

  • Project: GreenXchange
  • Role: UI Designer
  • Duration: July 2022(1 week)


For this project, I identified the project’s goal which helped in defining the elements required to create the designs and deliverables. Created the wireframes and components used in the visual design, and finally, the mockup for the wireframes was designed.
Before starting the design here are a few things to keep in mind:


Applying the brand style of Greenxchange and creating a delightful design where users can easily access the options to download the mobile and start using the exchange and money transfer features of Greenxchange, I was able to create a landing page that represents the brand guide and attributes of Greenxchange.

Style guide

I was looking at using bright colors that represent the brand so I combined incredible bright colors for the design of Greenxchange. I wanted to use colors that are soothing, exciting and welcoming to users, colors that symbolize growth and security. The selected color went well with both the mobile app design and the landing page design.


Working on Greenxchage was a personal mobile app landing page design concept which was exciting to work on. The idea was to create a design that represents the brand “Greenxhcnage”, and to provide necessary information that users can easily access in terms of using the mobile exchange application. I love the color I choose for this design and the way the design was laid out, providing easy access and necessary information needed to download and use the exchange app.