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Foodie - UI design e-commerce

The inspiration to design this comes from creating a platform where it's easy to reach out to different users as a restaurant business. E-commerce has always been the way to go when it comes to buying and selling products online and using this concept I was able to come up with a UI design for Foodie which also includes a showcase of the restaurant menu.



Client Name



UI Designer

About Foodie

Foodie is a restaurant company that sells different kinds of steak menus and the idea behind the design is to create a platform to showcase their varieties of steak menus and be able to reach their customer through home delivery.

Project Process Description

To create a design that meets the needs of the restaurant, research and competitive analysis were made and upon ideating, I was able to come up with this design which showcases their menu, their services, and delivery information.

Project Timelime

3 Days – Research/Ideate
1 Week – Design

Video of Foodie Website Design