What I do

From design to responsive implementation – Web Developer

Hi there! My name is Suzan Ejura and I love creating and designing web stuff. I have picked an interest in Web development since 2015, started up with learning basic HTML and CSS by creating a simple fashion website, turns out your design imaginations can become reality.

I am a web developer and freelancer, with creative skills in both Front-End and Back-End(sometimes) but specialized in Front End development.
My skills include working with HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, creating WP themes and for backend development, experience working with PHP. Some of my projects include working with CMS like WordPress. With 5years+ of experience and building WordPress custom themes.

Aside from web development, I love designing and creating exceptional mockups which helps me to lay out the proper design before developing my projects.
You can check out some of my designs created with applications like Figma, photoshop here