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Web Developer

Front End Developer - WordPress Expert - Freelancer

Hi there, I'm a web developer who loves to build exceptional things for the web. Creative skill in both frontend web development and UI Designs (occasionally backend development), first-class solution for responsive websites, website maintenance & security

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I create websites with attention to details, on time delivery and bringing your imagination to live

A web developer and with creative skills in both Back-End and Front-End but specialized in Front End development. My skills include working with HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, creating WP themes. For backend development, experience working with PHP

Some of my projects include working with CMS like WordPress. With 5years+ of experience and building WordPress custom themes.

Technically inclined and innovative in both web and mobile applications UX/UI designs. Aside from frontend web development, I love to creating UI designs. You can check some of my works here
Save Pdf File Chrome Extension

Saving Pdf files locally instead of directly downloading them into your computer. This was a practical project to help understand chrome API.

Simple Portfolio WordPress theme

Creating a simple WordPress custom theme using bootstrap framework and Javascript. This was a good beginner project.

Leader Tracker Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension created for tracking leads using the local storage to save and record all leads collected by user.